Speedworld Motorsports Park

Designed and Built: April 2009

Surprise, AZ

Located on property that has hosted many other racetracks, the area where this track is located had to have a major cleanup prior to construction.

Notable Feature: This track was the 1st on the LOORRS circuit to feature a mogul section to challenge the driver’s skills. Also, an inside line hump at the apex of turn five with an immediate jump coming out of the turn is the most unique turn of all the tracks.


Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Designed and Built: January 2010

Las Vegas, NV

Replacing the Primm, NV track that was on the LOORRS circuit in its inaugural season, the LVMS track is located closer to the Las Vegas strip, in the same facility that hosts, NASCAR and NHRA. This track was a challenge to build due to the tremendous amount of rock mixed in with the dirt onsite. The entire facility had to be sifted prior to building to ensure the safety of the participants racing on the track as well as the spectators.

Notable Feature: The LVMS track was the longest track currently on the LOORRS circuit with a total length of one mile. Recent changes to the track have brought it down to about .8 of a mile.


Lake Elsinore, CA Version 2 (2012)

Designed and Built: December 2011

The second of two tracks built for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in Lake Elsinore. After a change in ownership of the original track location, we worked with the new owners to create a new design getting rid of the dirt hill the was used for spectating and brining in 4 new sets of grandstands. The track was also flipped 180 degrees to create a better viewing experience for the spectators.

Notable Feature: The “Matterhorn” as it has been dubbed, is a 30 foot tall step up jump which, upon landing, puts you into an immediate challenging left turn.

Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series Lake Elsinore

Lake Elsinore, CA Version 1 (2009)

Designed and Built: September 2009

Purpose built for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, this track was a challenge due to the type of dirt, mostly silt, at the location as well as the propensity for the location to
flood during rain. This location is after all a dry lake bed.

Notable Feature: There is a large table top jump on the back stretch that is blind to the spectators, then the race cars emerge again as they come over a large pop up jump going into turn five. Another interesting feature of this track was the spectator area; seating area was created by first creating a large dirt hill along the track, then cutting a series of steps into the hill and placing folding chairs on each of the steps.

This was the first of two tracks built for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in Lake Elsinore. The second was built in 2011 on the same property, but in a different location.