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Location: Lake Elsinore, CA

Designed and Built: September 2009

Location: Lake Elsinore, CA

Purpose built for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, this track was a challenge due to
the type of dirt, mostly silt, at the location as well as the propensity for the location to
flood during rain. This location is after all a dry lake bed.

Notable Feature: There is a large table top jump on the back stretch that is blind to the
spectators, then the race cars emerge again as they come over a large pop up jump
going into turn five. Another interesting feature of this track was the spectator area;
seating area was created by first creating a large dirt hill along the track, then cutting a
series of steps into the hill and placing folding chairs on each of the steps.

This was the first of two tracks built for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in Lake
Elsinore. The second was built in 2011 on the same property, but in a different location.